Type multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ-40 type gas relay
  QJ2-40C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ4-50C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  YWJ Tubular mode oil level meter
  YSF-35/25 Pressure release valve
  ZLZ-BWD3KSD type dry type transformer computer warm controls meter
  ZLZ-BWD3KTD type dry type transformer computer warm controls box

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Type multi-purpose gas-pressure relay


     The relay core is shown in Fig 1,While the transformer is working properly, the relay is usually filled  with transformer.  The floater drops as the engine oil, gases from the oil resolution will collect on the upper part if the container thrust pressing the oil level. the floating ball is  reducing  with the oil level and link age the  magnetic switch. If  the oil level descends because of oil leakage.  the  soggy   will be given all the same. If transformer has been seriously damaged,  there will come an oil flow in the  connecting  pipe shocking  the point  G also when the transformer oil`s temperature arrives 85ˇć,  it should set out the tripping operation signal.  The tripping operation circuit  is cut in, and then  all the power supply to the transformer is shut off.