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  QJ-40 type gas relay
  QJ2-40C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
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QJ-40 type gas relay

 The Working Principle of the Gas Relay

    When the  transformer is at normal running,  inside of  gas relay is full of  transformer's oil. If  the  transformer occurs fault,  the gas that  is become as  transformer's oil is decomposed  is collected at the  collecting gas cell of gas relay. The air  pressure make the oil  level reduced, the  floating  ball is  reducing with the oil level and linkage the magnetic switch  A or B close. When the gas reached to 170mI, the magnetic switch A is SHUT,  connect with signal loop, and send out alarm signal. If other reason (for example: leakage oil) cause the oil level in oil tank reduced, it also will make the signal loop send out  alarm signal. When  inside of  transformer occurs  serious fault, it will cause number of gas.  When the gas  reached to above 260mI, the magnetic switch B SHUT, and the  tripping device will  operate to cut off the transformer from  electrical network, then realize the purpose of protecting the transformer.

Main technical parameter
  Manufacture acco to drawings specification condition .

  Pipeline Pathway:Φ40mm

  Alarm signal gas capacity:170mL10%

  Cutoff(tripping)signal gas capacity):260mL10%

  Jointcapacity:DC/AC220V 0.3A

  Sealed test pressure:200kPa

  Insulated withstand voltage test:2000V

  Anti water jet test Protection Class IPX5

  Rugged zed abiliy test:frequenecy4-20Hz


 Exteripprnal dimensions