Type multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ-40 type gas relay
  QJ2-40C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ4-50C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  YWJ Tubular mode oil level meter
  YSF-35/25 Pressure release valve
  ZLZ-BWD3KSD type dry type transformer computer warm controls meter
  ZLZ-BWD3KTD type dry type transformer computer warm controls box

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ZLZ-BWD3KTD type dry type transformer computer warm controls box

Product function
1. The examination and the tour demonstration transformer three-phase winding  temperature or only demonstrates a transformer three-phase winding  temperature 
highest phase winding temperature. When tour demonstration each demonstrated 6 seconds,  most quickly may amount to approximately for 1 second.
2. Air blower breakdown function: When air blower breakdown warm controlling in sends out 'didi '  the sound and LED demonstrates'X-FO' "X" the expression breakdown position.
3. The breakdown  acousto-optics  reports to the police:  When  sensor breakdown corresponding  A, B, the  C indicating  lamp is  bright, at the same time the air blower starts, warm controlling in sends out "didi" the sound to connect inparallel fashion passes   reports to the police the electronic contact. LED dem-
onstrates  ' X-HO ' or ' X-LO ',' X ' the expression breakdown phase.           
4. Air blower start and closure function: When in the transformer three-phase winding has a phase winding temperature to achieve the hypothesis the air  blower starts temperature value the  timely breeze  machine self-starting,  the air blower starts the  timely breeze machine indicating lamp to be bright. When the transformer three-phase winding temperature all is lower than the hypothesis the airblower closure temperature value timely breeze machine automatic shut-off.
5. Ultra warm reports to the police the function:  When in the transformer  three-phase  winding  has a phase  winding  temperature to achieve the hypothesis ultra warm  reports to the police when the temperature warm controlling sends out the sound,the light reports to the police,  connects  in parallel fashion passes reports to the  police  the output terminal,  provides a cluster switch signal to give the distant place the control cabinet.
6. Ultra warm trips the function: When in the transformer three groups of windings has a phase winding temperature to achieve when the hypothesis trips temperature value, warm controlling puts through trips the output terminal, provides a cluster  switch signal for the distant place control cabinet, the start trips the electric circuit.  (For prevents because accidental factor to trigger trips ad hoc has approximately the 5s time delay).
7.  Manual start/Closure air blower function: Presses the air blower key, the air blower starts, again presses the air blower key, the air blower closure. After like the manual air blower starts approximately 15 minute automatic shut-offs
8.  The air  blower fixed  time examines the function: In order to avoid the wind aircraft commander time   not starting but rusts away stops up transfers the damage, ad hoc has the air blower fixed time to examine the function, the fixed time starting time may  freely establish the scope is 0-199 hour, to setting value  timely breeze machine start, starting time approximately 2 minutes. Input "000" when then cancels this function.
9.  Control function self-checking: But analog input Temperature value but causes warm controlling to make the corresponding function performance, this time "the  flight recorder" the function does not have an effect.
10. "Flight recorder" function: May record when the warm controlling power failure  transformer three  groups of windings temperature,as well as this machine working mode active status.
11. The temperature stablishment may lightly touch the key direct establishment  through the kneading  board on. In order to avoid the miscellaneous  personnel  changing  the  establishment  at will,  warm controlling  is equipped  with the  pass-word, only  then the password input is correct can establish, otherwise only canexamine but cannot establish, and warm controlling sends out"di"reports to the police the sound.