Type multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ-40 type gas relay
  QJ2-40C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ4-50C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  YWJ Tubular mode oil level meter
  YSF-35/25 Pressure release valve
  ZLZ-BWD3KSD type dry type transformer computer warm controls meter
  ZLZ-BWD3KTD type dry type transformer computer warm controls box

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YSF-35/25 Pressure release valve

  Pressure  release valve is mainly used for oiliness  full
sealed transformer for matching with oil level meter, starting
 pressure is 35kpa, closing pressure ¡Ý19kPa, sealed pressure
Main technical parameter
¡¡Dimension up to the standard                                 
        Close pressure£º¡Ý19£¨kPa£©                                             
¡¡¡¡Starting time£º¡Ü2£¨ms£©
¡¡¡¡ Sealed pressure£º¡Ý21kPa¡£
¡¡¡¡ grsket oil-prrof aging petformance
Installs uses and maintains
¡¡The pressure releases the valve the valve body by the aluminum alloy compression casting forming, the spring attachment, the diaphragm capsule is composed, its contour is artistic, anti-corrosive does not have returns the rust, the semblance uses the static electricity to spurt spreads, paints adhesion, does not have flaking. The diaphragm capsule uses the 8K stainless steel manufacture, the diaphragm capsule joint meets on the valve seat the seal packing collar, the structure conforms to the standard.
External dimensions