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YWJ Tubular mode oil level meter

General                                                                             This product is mainly used for oiliness  full sealed transformer to install at the transformer's oil tank.the inside oil tank oil level is shown on the upper of the casecover.The upper inspecrion whnder center of the oil level meter indicates the grass which means the oil level is norma,i.e the oil level is above of the case cover,if it is red,which means the oil level is abnormal,i.e the oil level is under the case cover,it is time for adding oil,this product upper M40x1.5 screw thread can be used for the interfact of injection oil tube,pressure re1ease,vacuumize and so on.  .
Structureamdharacterisric                                                                                                                            1. 1.The tubular mode oil level meter consists of tube die-casting by aluminum  alloy, floating beacon  indicator, shield frame, inspection  window and upper cover. The inspection window is built-in the special glass tube.
2. Characteristic
         It can display the specific oil level within the case cover lower 30mm. The oil level is really displayed, and  accuracy, without false
oil phenomena. The display position of oil level can be set according to the users' requirement, as long as user required when  placing the
order. The product  without any special requirement, the position of  oil level is set above the case cover is normal, i.e. when the oil level
is above of the case cover, the floating beacon will display green, which means the oil level is normal.
        The case body is  formed by die-casting  aluminum alloy,  which has  the characteristics of beautiful appearance,  light weight,  anti
corrosion, no returning rust.  The surface is done by electrostatic painting.  The painting adhesion  force is strong that  can not flake  off.
         The structure of inspection window with the connected flange seal is reasonable, safe and reliable, no leakage.
         It has been done 200kPa pressure trial leakage test before leaving the factory.External dimensions