Type multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ-40 type gas relay
  QJ2-40C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  QJ4-50C type Multi-purpose gas-pressure relay
  YWJ Tubular mode oil level meter
  YSF-35/25 Pressure release valve
  ZLZ-BWD3KSD type dry type transformer computer warm controls meter
  ZLZ-BWD3KTD type dry type transformer computer warm controls box

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  Shanghai Zhonglong Electrical Co.,Ltd. company is a specialized production entire seal transformer module QJ-40 gas-pressure relay, the QJ2-40C multi-purpose gas-pressure relay, theQJ4-50C multi-purpose gas-pressure relay, the YWJ tubularliquidometer, the YSF-35/25 pressure release valve, the ZLZBWD3KSD drytype transformer computer warm controls the meter, the ZLZ-BWD3KTD dry type transformer computer warm controls product and so on box, the product presses the national correlation standard design and the excellent manufacture, has the modelling artisticly, the easy to operate, safe is reliable and so on the characteristic.
  This company has the specialized production personnel, advanced equipment and production assembly line. "Humanist" management idea, causes us rapidly to become the power transformer module manufacture
enterprise nova, the product quality strict guarantee, produces product the authority which recognized through the country examines the organization examination. Each target conforms to the national standard, obtained the series product examination certificate, the product passed through the People's Insurance Company quality to
insure (PICC).
  The median fold company "is in the lead by the technology, high quality highly effective, believes in abides by, the customer supreme" is the quality policy, persisted "humanist, quality supreme, the service is proficient" enterprise objective, face each new old customer.
  "Will pursue the median fold person forever to regard as backwardness without limits", will not make the rest, will not innovate already.